Top Tips For Business Travellers to Beat the Flying Blues |

Frequent airline travellers often find themselves feeling completely jaded with the sight of the airport environment and yet another anonymous hotel room. If you have to travel from country to country as part of your job you’ll appreciate finally arriving at your destination, even if it is just another hotel room.

Most business hotels cater perfectly for the tired and jet lagged worker. They provide all the necessary luxuries you need to keep burnout at bay. From the sumptuous bar downstairs, with the friendly bar man and the ever ready ear, to a spacious bathrooms-en-suite with amazingly powerful showers, fluffy white towels and daily replenished designer toiletries, there’s everything you desire for a home from home. Except of course it isn’t your home, and that’s the one element that not even a five star, top of the range super hotel can fix.

On the plus side if you’re lucky enough to be spending every evening in a foreign city you’ll have the time to explore new cultural delicacies and amazing sites. And you could make sight-seeing, between business meetings and dinners, even more relaxing by hiring a chauffeur driven car for whole the time you’re there. Chauffeur driven cars can whisk you off at a moment’s notice and saves you precious time standing around waiting for a private taxi to show up. Even if the enthusiastic hotel porters have called a cab for you on your behalf your chauffeur service will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you reach the entrance. Hiring a personal chauffeur driven car will also save you time counting up taxi receipts for expenses claims when you’re back at your company head quarters too. In fact, if you’ve got a timetable of multiple meetings at many different locations around the city it may even work out cheaper in the long run. Plus having to take part in the obligatory and inevitable boozy lunches and pub meetings mean you’ll be rest assured that you’ll be driven back to your hotel again safely by a familiar face.

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